Prepaid Card Popularity Up Among The Unbanked

07.2.2015 in #News

Posted on July 2, 2015 By pymnts General purpose reloadable (GPR) cards are seeing increased use by consumers, especially among “unbanked” cardholders who tend to use those cards like checking accounts. That’s among the findings of the Pew Charitable Trusts, which released a report Tuesday (June 30) titled “Banking on Prepaid,” in which research showed that 23 million adults regularly use GPR prepaid cards nationwide. Those cards let holders load funds using either cash or direct deposit activity as their source. Then the cards can be used at ATMs or at retail locations to make direct purchases. Those surveyed by Pew totaled 587 respondents who use those cards at least once per month. The respondents were questioned late last year on various attitudes towards, and use of, the cards. Pew said its findings reflect an increased use of prepaid cards, with a 50 percent jump logged between 2012 and 2014. Key drivers came from a growing ...

4 Ways Stadium Hospitality Technology Is Defending The Live Event

05.4.2015 in #News

Posted Mar 4, 2015 by Bob Pascal Editor’s note: Bob Pascal oversees the global business development, marketing and communications functions for event hospitality company Centerplate. This year’s Super Bowl had 114.4 million viewers, making it the most-watched TV broadcast in history; television has clearly mastered the art of broadcasting sports games for the comfort of the living room. While the high TV ratings across all sports are great, team owners are increasingly adapting to, and investing heavily in, creating the best possible game-day environments, so their in-stadium product continues to be as good or better than what Samsung, Sharp and Vizio provide in the living room. This “golden age” of stadium hospitality has now brought us bigger flat screen jumbotrons, field level swimming pools, fantasy football lounges and enhanced Wi-Fi networks, with more and more innovation coming in 2015 and beyond. These changes are making sure that game day at the stadium carries entertainment value beyond the confines of the action on the field, adding a worthwhile ...

Why the Uber of healthcare is here to stay

01.9.2015 in #News

The growing sophistication of the Internet has spawned the proliferation of startups that could forever change the business of healthcare and create a market for on-demand care, say Eric Kim and Chi-Hua Chien, co-founders of Goodwater Capital. JANUARY 9, 2015 by Eric Kim , Chi-Hua Chien As the annual JP Morgan Healthcare conference kicks off next week, hundreds of hedge funds, private equity firms and VCs will be making their annual pilgrimage to San Francisco’s Union Square to find the next star to hitch their wagons to. Having attended the conference for the past decade, we’ve observed its growth and the changing trends of the industry it represents. Every year, there are more presenters and more generalists dipping their toes in healthcare. And recently, an increasing number of digital health startups in attendance. As the afterglow of 2014 is tempered by plummeting oil prices and the stock market’s volatile start to 2015, healthcare’s $3 ...

The Biggest Unrealized Opportunity in B2B Payments

05.6.2014 in #News

There are a lot of things that get in the way of enterprises using electronic methods to pay each other. One of the biggest is forcing buyers and suppliers to adapt to entirely new processes. NVoicePay says it has cracked the code on supplier enablement and along the way, has seen its platform implemented at enterprises that process as many as 300,000 to 400,000 payments a year. NVoicePay CEO Karla Friede spoke with MPD CEO Karen Webster and described how it’s attacking what is, in Friede’s words “the biggest unrealized opportunity in B2B payments.” Posted on May 6, 2014 By pymnts If there were one word to describe the NVoicePay B2B payments solution, Karla Friede, its CEO would say that it’s “simple.” Friede said it had to be in order to find success where there’s been lots of roadkill: helping businesses move away from paper-based payments to electronic. Started in 2009, NVoicePay set out to ...

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