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4 Ways Stadium Hospitality Technology Is Defending The Live Event

05.4.2015 in #News

Posted Mar 4, 2015 by Bob Pascal Editor’s note: Bob Pascal oversees the global business development, marketing and communications functions for event hospitality company Centerplate. This year’s Super Bowl had 114.4 million viewers, making it the most-watched TV broadcast in history; television has clearly mastered the art of broadcasting sports games for the comfort of the living room. While the high TV ratings across all sports are great, team owners are increasingly adapting to, and investing heavily in, creating the best possible game-day environments, so their in-stadium product continues to be as good or better than what Samsung, Sharp and Vizio provide in the living room. This “golden age” of stadium hospitality has now brought us bigger flat screen jumbotrons, field level swimming pools, fantasy football lounges and enhanced Wi-Fi networks, with more and more innovation coming in 2015 and beyond. These changes are making sure that game day at the stadium carries entertainment value beyond the confines of the action on the field, adding a worthwhile ...

Nvoicepay Raises $6M to Focus On Channel Expansion

01.28.2015 in #Press

Financing Round Led by Mosaik Partners with Participation From Silicon Valley Bank JANUARY 28, 2015 PORTLAND, ORE. AND SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. (PRWEB) Nvoicepay Inc. today announced it has secured a $6 million financing round, led by Mosaik Partners with participation from Silicon Valley Bank, and existing investors. Nvoicepay’s strategic payment solutions automate accounts payable, enabling customers to pay 100% of their invoices electronically, while realizing the financial benefits of payment optimization. “Nvoicepay is bringing to enterprise the kind of simple, easy-to-use and frictionless payment solutions that consumers have come to appreciate,” said Karla Friede, CEO of Nvoicepay. “This financing further validates our direction transforming accounts payable and we will use this capital to continue our channel expansion.” By paying the right suppliers with the right payment type at the right time, Nvoicepay’s cloud based technology and supplier payment services help customers reduce costs, increase efficiencies and maximize rebates all with minimal effort. “Nvoicepay ...

Why the Uber of healthcare is here to stay

01.9.2015 in #News

The growing sophistication of the Internet has spawned the proliferation of startups that could forever change the business of healthcare and create a market for on-demand care, say Eric Kim and Chi-Hua Chien, co-founders of Goodwater Capital. JANUARY 9, 2015 by Eric Kim , Chi-Hua Chien As the annual JP Morgan Healthcare conference kicks off next week, hundreds of hedge funds, private equity firms and VCs will be making their annual pilgrimage to San Francisco’s Union Square to find the next star to hitch their wagons to. Having attended the conference for the past decade, we’ve observed its growth and the changing trends of the industry it represents. Every year, there are more presenters and more generalists dipping their toes in healthcare. And recently, an increasing number of digital health startups in attendance. As the afterglow of 2014 is tempered by plummeting oil prices and the stock market’s volatile start to 2015, healthcare’s $3 ...

PeerNova Accelerates Enterprise Use of Blockchain Technologies with $8.6 Million Funding Round, Led by Mosaik Partners

12.17.2014 in #Press

Silicon Valley-based PeerNova Inc. raises $8.6 Million in funding to accelerate its blockchain-based enterprise products. DECEMBER 17, 2014 SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA (PRWEB) PeerNova Inc. announced today that it has closed the first tranche of its Series A equity and debt funding round of $8.6 Million, led by Mosiak Partners. The round also includes investments from angel investor Steve Case, Ashar Aziz (Founder and CTO of FireEye), venture capital veteran Pierre Lamond, Atiq Raza (CEO of CALIENT technologies), Crypto Currency Partners and others. A blockchain is a cryptographically secure, immutable ledger of all transactions that are part of an application. It enables new classes of secure financial asset transfer and asset registry applications that do not need trusted 3rd parties and intermediaries, thereby reducing transaction costs significantly. PeerNova will use the new funding to boost investments in research and development, accelerate the launch of its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and expand its service ...

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