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Mosaik Partners was founded in 2013 by veteran fintech industry executives to provide early capital to experienced founders building and using technology to address clear pain points across the financial services universe.

This is Mosaik

Mosaik develops long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs – building transformational companies with exceptional growth potential.

Mosaik Model

We are continually on the lookout for the next generation of successful, high-growth B2B fintech businesses.

We believe that the road to full digitization of financial services is a long and incremental one, and that our many decades of operating, investing and advisory experience give us unique insight into this dynamic.

Accordingly, we seek to identify promising business models and management teams that are using technology to solve real-world problems and friction points in the delivery of financial services.

sector focus

We focus primarily on the following sectors within B2B fintech:


Banking Technologies


Financial SaaS

Cybersecurity / Fraud

Big Data / AI


Delivery Model

We are partial to transactional and software models, which we believe will continue to be the dominant delivery methods for products and services in our sector.

Entry Point

We like to get in early.  Our typical entry point is late seed / Series A rounds.


Our companies are often well on their way to, or have already achieved, successful commercialization of their products and services.

Long-term commitment

We view our initial investment as only the starting point in our relationship.  We reserve capital for follow-on investment and pursue a “hands-on” approach with each of our companies.

Sourcing Success

We are looking to identify management teams that combine judgement, experience and enthusiasm to maximize their probability of success.