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August 23, 2023

PatientPay Announces Integration with PointClickCare, Enabling Faster and More Seamless Collection of Patient Payments

BUSINESSWIRE | DURHAM, N.C. ― PatientPay, the leading patient payments partner for acute, ambulatory, and specialty care, today announced an integration with PointClickCare, a leading healthcare technology platform that enables meaningful collaboration and access to real-time insights at every stage of the patient healthcare journey. Through this integration, PatientPay is now fully integrated with PointClickCare’s electronic health record (EHR) platform and will provide long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) facilities with the ability to manage payments on a single platform, increasing payment efficiency and faster revenue capture. PatientPay is now listed on the PointClickCare Marketplace.

“The PointClickCare Marketplace offers the widest range of integrated solutions available to the market,” says Chris Beekman, Director of Marketplace, “the welcomed addition of PatientPay is further testament to our commitment to continually grow our partner network and ecosystem, and to the wealth of possibilities it provides our customers to find integrated solutions that meaningfully address pressing challenges.”

2022 marked the worst financial year on record for many healthcare organizations, and given rising expenses and workforce shortages, financial pressure is likely to continue into 2023 and beyond. This intensifies the need to capture more payments as fast as possible. PatientPay uniquely leverages easy-to-understand statements and digital billing strategies to engage patients in paying their bills quickly. Across clients, PatientPay:

  • Averages less than 14 days to get paid vs. industry average of 45 to 60 days
  • Converts 48.8% of electronic billing messages into payments once patients log in vs. consumer industry average of 2%
  • Increases payment capture rates by 3x for certain providers

By being part of PointClickCare’s Marketplace, LTPAC providers now have access to PatientPay’s platform further enabling:

  • A streamlined billing experience for the resident or guarantor
  • Faster self-pay payments and higher bill conversion rates for providers
  • Reduced days in A/R and decreased balance write-offs
  • Lower collection costs stemming from the move away from inefficient, paper-based processes

“At PatientPay, our clients see patient payments get processed within the first few minutes we turn on our platform. Our ability to vastly increase payments, accelerate the time to collect payments and reduce paper statements by up to 50% is one of the reasons our partner’s medical facilities depend on us,” says Tom Furr, CEO of PatientPay. “We’re thrilled to integrate with PointClickCare to empower their clients with the tools they need for financial stability in a turbulent market.”

To learn more about PatientPay’s offering, visit their website.

About PatientPay
PatientPay partners with specialty care medical groups and facilities to drive patient payments at every step of the visit. As patient financial responsibility grows, specialty services such as long-term care, physical therapy, radiology and anesthesiology rely on PatientPay to get paid fast and in full. Ultimately PatientPay aims to extend the patient experience with enhanced overall patient satisfaction through matching with EOBs, flexible payment options, and custom communications. To learn more about how PatientPay guarantees results for its clients, contact