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March 20, 2023

Point Predictive Announces the Appointment of Jeff Hendren as Chief Revenue Officer

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Point Predictive, the San Diego-based company that provides artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for lenders, banks and fintech companies, today announced Jeff Hendren as its Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). In his new role, Mr. Hendren will be responsible for generating revenue growth, overseeing the sales and marketing teams, and expanding the company’s national presence.

With over a decade of experience in executive leadership roles, Mr. Hendren has invested most of his career in leading companies to exponential growth by employing effective business strategies and proven best practices.

“Jeff holds an impeccable track record of scaling high-growth businesses and generating exceptional results through empowering effective teamwork,” said CEO and co-founder Tim Grace. “It’s an exciting year at Point Predictive. With Jeff’s leadership, I’m confident we’ll see heightened successes and continue progressing towards our mission of powering better lending decisions for more entities.”

As a global software business leader with an extensive background in emerging and high-growth enterprise software, financial data and information, and analytics businesses, Mr. Hendren brings invaluable experience delivering double-digit revenue and gross margin growth.

“I am honored to join the Point Predictive team,” said Mr. Hendren. “What excites me most is the company’s culture, leadership, people—and its vision to transform the lending landscape by empowering lower-risk decisioning through artificial intelligence. I look forward to using my experience to drive growth and help Point Predictive attain higher success.”

Prior to joining Point Predictive, Mr. Hendren served as Chief Revenue Officer at Atomic, Quovo, and various enterprise software companies. He was also CEO of Kurtosys and Co-President of PerTrac, where he was responsible for board development and management, capital raising, corporate financing, and executive team building. Mr. Hendren holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the Miami University Farmer School of Business.

About Point Predictive Inc.

Located in San Diego, California, Point Predictive powers a new level of lending confidence and speed through artificial intelligence, a powerful data consortium, and decades of risk management expertise. The company’s data and technology solutions quickly and accurately identify truthful and untruthful disclosures on loan applications. As a result, lenders can fund the majority of loans without requiring onerous documentation, such as paycheck stubs, utility bills, or bank statements, improving funding rates by 40-50% while reducing early payment default losses by more than 30%. Subsequently, borrowers get loans faster, and lenders realize a more profitable bottom line. More information about Point Predictive can be found at