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September 6, 2023

Sigma Ratings Rebrands as Sigma360®, Launching the Definitive Enterprise Risk Decisioning Software Platform

PRNEWSWIRE | NEW YORK ― Sigma Ratings rebrands to Sigma360 to further align the company and its product with its core mission of providing the world's best risk decisioning software.

Founded in 2017 out of MIT, Sigma360 has developed an AI-enabled software platform that ingests, resolves and optimizes internal customer data and hard-to-manage external data to help a range of clients meet and exceed know your customer, counterparty, third party and supply chain due diligence requirements, speed screening and investigative processes, triage risk alerts and uncover potential issues that may otherwise be undetected using traditional approaches.

Stuart Jones, Jr., Founder and CEO of Sigma360 said, "We're incredibly excited to announce the launch of Sigma360, expand and deepen the team and continue our work to revolutionize risk management through next generation technology and data optimization. Our clients ultimately want to make better decisions and in doing so consider all the relevant data that is - and can be - available to them. The Sigma360 platform serves that mission and we will continue to push what's possible through ongoing innovation and deep collaboration with our customers and the broader market."

In its early days, Sigma360 pioneered a novel, globally recognized approach to assessing risk, which included a unique financial crime risk rating system that is still in use today. Concurrently, the team began building its software foundation to automate aspects of its rating approach, ultimately moving from a manual process to an automated one that now dynamically risk-scores nearly a billion people and companies daily.

The result of this investment is Sigma360, a configurable risk decisioning platform that delivers a modern, cloud-based experience to supercharge efficiency and future proof an organization's approach to financial crime and credit-related use cases.

Key feature improvements in the move to Sigma360 include:

  • Enhanced and Configurable Risk Taxonomies: The platform enables a user to view internal and external financial and risk intelligence-related data alongside a customizable risk scoring framework to automatically detect and monitor high-risk people or companies worldwide.
  • Expanded Data and Graph Visualization Foundation: The platform consolidates and optimizes thousands of data sources (external and internal) for comprehensive customer and counterparty risk visibility (via its proprietary SigmaID), including a graph view that highlights and scores potential risks multiple connections away from an entity that is monitored or under review.
  • Persistent Risk Monitoring: Sigma360 powers automated updates of customer and counterparty data at the entity and network level. With relevant risk notifications, Sigma360's clients no longer experience risk exposure between manual entity updates and benefit from scalable, near-real time updates across their portfolio.
  • Streamlined Compliance Processes: Sigma360 handles the bulk of the compliance workflow, from large-scale name screening to ongoing due diligence and investigations, all with built-in risk tracking, escalation workflow tools and reports to ensure audit readiness.

With a user-friendly web application and suite of APIs, teams can quickly adapt and begin leveraging Sigma360 for immediate ROI, including up to a 7x increase in efficiency across use cases.

Karim Rajwani, Chief Product Officer said, "Sigma360 challenges the status quo, empowering users to identify new risks, streamline customer, counterparty and third-party risk management practices, enhancing efficiency and enabling more informed decision-making in the realm of risk and compliance."

About Sigma360

Sigma360® is the definitive AI-driven risk intelligence platform used by banks, fintechs, corporates, professional services firms and government to quickly surface and review counterparty risk information, meet compliance obligations and fight financial crime. Sigma360® combines deep domain expertise with data optimization, cutting edge network risk scoring and visualization to offer a single solution for collecting, organizing and distilling disparate data into actionable risk insights that enables confident decisions.

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