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November 3, 2021

vWise partners with IRALOGIX to enable rapid deployment of IRA solutions

PRWeb | ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — vWise, Inc. (vWise), a leading provider of technology solutions for the retirement industry, today announced its partnership with IRALOGIX, a leading provider of cloud-based technology enabling institutional partners to offer IRA solutions to all investors regardless of account size. Providers using vWise will be given the opportunity to quickly launch a profitable white label IRA solution that leverages the same types of institutional investments found in employer plans, along with professional advice and more.

“We are excited to have IRALOGIX as part of our platform and as a client. This partnership will give vWise the ability to offer the most advanced technology-forward IRA account services to our clients and their Advisors. The new offering will include both force-outs and voluntary IRA account capabilities,” said James Liberi, CRO of vWise. “Their best-in-class IRA solutions, combined with our ability to optimize participant outcomes through personalization, will forward both companies’ mission to bring better retirement options and outcomes to the American worker.”

“At IRALOGIX, we are dedicated to helping recordkeepers and their Advisors provide the latest advancements in IRAs and servicing technology to everyone saving for retirement, and our partnership with vWise is a great example of how teaming up with experts in the industry helps our ongoing efforts to fulfill that mission,” said Peter Littlejohn. “The work that vWise is doing with its clients around building trusted relationships with participants and using data to drive better outcomes is instrumental in accelerating widespread accessibility to IRALOGIX solutions through digital transformation, making this an ideal partnership.”

About vWise
vWise optimizes investor outcomes through interactive, data-enabled personalized experiences that drive informed decision- making. Utilizing the way today’s investors consume content, the vWise Experience Platform enables asset managers and financial service providers to efficiently deliver personalized digital experiences to complement existing sales and marketing efforts. For more information, visit vWise at or connect with us on LinkedIn.

IRALOGIX is an industry-leading cloud-based IRA provider providing our institutional clients the ability to service all investors regardless of account size while acting in their best interest. IRALOGIX can complement your market strategy, streamline your IRA service options, and help you expand your business. For more information about IRALOGIX, please visit